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Reproduction and Duplication Services

On-site Researchers

The Museum’s library and archival materials are available for consultation and scanning by on-site researchers in the reading rooms during normal hours of operation. Scanning machines are available for use free of charge and subject to restrictions under the copyright law of the United States. All microform stations are enabled with scanners that create digital copies of materials rather than paper-based photocopies. Researchers may bring a USB-style storage device to transport files.

Because of copyright restrictions, reproductions of library and archival materials are available for private study, scholarship, and research purposes only. If a researcher uses a reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," he or she may be liable for copyright infringement.

Off-site Researchers

The Museum cannot fulfill requests from off-site researchers for copies of individual documents or files or interview segments or clips, or for the duplication of paper-based collections. As a courtesy, staff may be able to reproduce a limited number of sample pages (generally up to 15) as time and resources permit and as long as there are no restrictions on access, use, or duplication associated with the materials requested.

Independent Freelance Researchers Available for Hire

The Museum does not maintain a list of independent local researchers for hire nor provide recommendations or endorsements of their services. However, such lists are made available by other organizations, including:

Reproductions for Purchase

Researchers interested in purchasing a duplicate copy of an oral history interview or an entire reel of microfilm or sheet of microfiche may do so via an outside vendor at their own expense. To initiate a request, please contact the reference staff via the online Virtual Reference Desk Request Form, providing full information on the collection and the portions of it you wish to reproduce. Reference staff will ascertain if there are restrictions on the collection and provide instructions on contacting local vendors.

Please note that all fees related to duplication will be charged to the researcher directly by the vendor, including the shipping of master copies between the Museum and the vendor as well as the shipping of duplicates between the vendor and the researcher.

Photographs and Still Images

Duplications of images from the Photo Archives are subject to the terms and conditions dictated by the acquisition source. Please consult the online guidelines and catalog and contact the Photo Archives directly for assistance.

Film Footage and Moving Images

The Museum’s Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive is a major repository for moving images pertaining to the Holocaust and related topics in European history. Please consult the online catalog and guidelines to obtain duplications of materials from this collection.